We offer many great events year round for the youth who want to participate. Check out these pictures of upcoming and past events! Along with these events, every year our agency works hard to provide one-time special events for our students. These special events include; ValleyFair, MN Twins games, UMD games, Dances, Beaches, Parks, Camps and many more! Keep in mind, to qualify your student(s) need to register and fill out special event forms.

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Winter in the West

Join us at Memorial Park for our outdoor winter rec expo, featuring games and outdoor events on January 29, 2022!

Skis and Sled Dogs

The Valley Youth Center of Duluth was excited to have a variety of activities for our youth. We had a dog sled team visit and give the kids rides around the school yard, led by dog sledder Billie Diver. We also had stations for kids to learn how to snow shoe and ski. We thank all of our volunteers who helped out and a special thanks to the Lloyd K. Johnson Foundation for making this event possible!

The kids had a blast at the Harlem Globetrotters!

Trips to Target Field and Valleyfair