VYC Fall/Autumn Activities Schedule ’23-’24

Game Room

Open right after school just downstairs from the school’s cafeteria. Our game room is safe, supervised, and well equipped with resources and activities to keep your student occupied until parent(s) can pick them up. We are also open during the days when school is not in session (summer, holidays, etc. PLEASE NOTE THAT IF SCHOOLS ARE CLOSED DUE TO WEATHER OUR CENTER IS ALSO CLOSED).

Table Tennis Team

Join us from 6pm-9pm Mondays during school year 23-24!

After School Food Service

Every day after school we provide something to eat for each student that uses our services. We also have vending machines that offer a variety of both healthy and sweet treats. Vending prices vary from .25 to $1.50.


Everything from coloring, painting, to cutting construction paper and having fun while learning your own creative skills sets.

Outside Playground/Ball-field/Skate-rink

If your student prefers to be outdoors our site has great supervision lines that allow our staff to keep tabs on the park for safety. Please keep in mind that the park is public and unless the VYC is putting on a direct programmatic activity in the park, our agency and staff are not responsible for happenings in the park but we do our absolute best for all that uses it.


Our staff is available to engage our students in board games and recreational games to teach skill building and social interaction. Some of the skills your student could improve or learn are social boundaries, positive behavior, fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, and increased ability to have fun, enjoy themselves, and like who they are.