2023-2024 Team


Years with VYC: 25

“A place for kids where they are the highest priority. All kids need a place to call their own outside the


Years with VYC: 35

“I work here because it was there for me as a kid, and the staff took care of me and made me feel good
about myself. Growing up poor was hard, and the Center was my outlet. It helped me grow without me
even knowing it. If not for the mentoring from the staff, I’m not sure where I would be. I just wanted to
give back to the less fortunate and let them know they can be successful no matter where they come
from or live. My big heart came from my mom. She took care of everyone.”


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Years with VYC: 10

“I work here because I see the potential in kids. I grew up coming here myself. I know some of the rough
paths these kids have to go down because I have too. They are like my family. Some kids don’t have
anyone at home for them. I like being there for them. I care a lot about this place.”


Years with VYC: 1

“I work here because I enjoy building meaningful relationships with the kids. I also enjoy being a part of
a safe and fun space for kids to spend some with friends.”


Years with VYC: 15

“I do what I do every day because what we do in life that may be normalized for us as
individuals can be extraordinary for another, and the things that I’ve seen happen at the center
over the years can be tremendous to a kid and make a difference in their lives. The true
measure of life is not how many people know our names when we move on, but whether we’ve
touched the lives of others.”