Our Mission

Our mission at Valley Youth Centers is to provide opportunities that encourage kids to grow and build self-confidence.

  • We seek to promote a positive, safe, stable, and trusting environment where kids can grow.
  • We support kids through encouragement and structured program opportunities.
  • We strive to be role models of trust, reliability, perseverance, and community.

Our goal is to encourage kids to choose positive behavior choices and achievement in their lives.

Our Vision

The place where kids become community through play

  • Learn the skills to build positive relationships.
  • Learn the skills to control behavior.
  • Learn the knowledge of why education is important.

Happy Kids, Happy Thoughts, Happy Actions

Our History

The center was started in the 1970’s by caring neighborhood parents wanting a safe, supervised and structured place for their kids to go to after school. Since then it has grown into a wonderful place for kids to play, grow and succeed by using the experiences and practices of positive play. The center is open to kids ages five to eighteen.

kids at dance